Puerto Rico 
March 2021


Your generosity has granted me a new perspective. It’s been clear since I met you that your culture is a major part of who you are. And from the day I met you, you’ve been generous enough to share it with me. I’ve always loved experiencing other cultures but experiencing the culture of the girl I love is a completely new feeling.
Seeing you in Puerto Rico has allowed me to understand you more. It’s when I see you in this hot sun with your bright pink hair. It’s when you drive up these crazy hills with one hand. It’s when you say ‘try this’ with so much enthusiasm. It’s when you point to a special place and tell a story. It’s when you introduce me to your family with all that energy. It’s when you look at me for a moment with those dark brown eyes and that gentle smile. 
It gives me an overwhelming sense of happiness and appreciation, forcing me to take a moment and think of how lucky I am. I’ve dreamed about coming to Puerto Rico with you since we met. You’ve always described its beauty to me with such clarity, painting a picture in my head every time. While I could have imagined a beach or a mountain, I could have never imagined how deep our connection would be. You’ve made this an experience that will make me a better person forever. 

Gracias por todo, 

The subject in these photographs is my girl, Andy, and her home island of Puerto Rico. When covid first hit NYC, Andy moved back to Puerto Rico and we were separated for a year. These photos are a realization of the dreams I had while we were apart; a document of our reunion as we make up for lost time.